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Wherever your images are, measure their width, height and brightness dimensions and automate page layout as never before.

Inspect, resize, and automatically crop images to suit device and content.

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Original Image © Chris Moran, 3872px by 2592px.

  • Enables emotive image-led designs that stay fresh
  • Automate mashups, topic pages, and editorial workflows
  • Dynamically publish content to any device or platform
  • Lower bounce rates through faster load times
  • Delivers cropped and sized images into HTML or CSS
  • GET image colour and size in JSON to drive layout
  • Resized images load in parallel from low latency cache
  • Dedicate server RAM and disk to application needs, not binaries

Inspect and Adapt. Set your editorial staff free

Throw away the rule book, set free creativity, and automatically adapt to whatever the news agenda requires.

Flexibly automate content layout by measuring the aspect ratio and colour of actual content images. Raw pixel sizes are delivered via JSON and we throw in in aggregate pixel transparency and luma values, compensating for the relative brightness of yellow tones and similar perceptual oddities.

Rather than covering images with translucencies, you can maximise impact by choosing CSS styles based on hard empirical data, not the worst case scenario.

Never too noir
Simplified Sunny

Detect dark images

  width: 640,
  height: 427,
  mean: 34.33,
  rows: [
    width: 213,
    height: 142,
    meanTransparency: 0,
    median: 0,
    mean: 4.45,
    stdDev: 9.81
  { ... },
  { ... }   ],
    { ... },
    { ... },
    { ... }
    { ... },
    { ... },
    { ... }


Bring out bright ones



Assuming an image hosted at just GET a JSON endpoint as follows:

HOSTthe fully qualified hostname e.g., etc.
PATHthe path on your server e.g. temple.jpg, staff/fred.jpg etc.

So for example

The full JSON payload for this example is as follows:


Mean and median luma statistics are calculated by first removing any fully transparent pixel. All measured images are cached for a short time in order to optimise future resize requests.

In video, luma represents the brightness in an image (the "black-and-white" or achromatic portion of the image). Luma is typically paired with chrominance. Luma represents the achromatic image, while the chroma components represent the color information.


Automatic Crop and Resize

Web developers need to deal with portrait and landscape image placeholders, fit portraits and landscapes into them, and deal with an amazing proliferation of device sizes, resolutions and device pixel ratios. Gone are the days when image sizes are predictable, stable and few in number.

Likewise editorial staff are producing content for dynamic publication to computers, mobiles, tablets, jumbotrons, and print media. Increasingly, neither journalists nor the image desk know where their content will be consumed and whether their technical team, or a social media platform will be handling layout for them. Asking editorial to adapt content to a layout is asking them to predict a million possible futures.

With Magick, we will accept any image and any target size and resize it to the best of our ability. You do not need to tell us, or even to know, whether the image needs cropping or not. You don't need to predict the future, we'll give you the graphic file you need for right now.

Assuming an image hosted at just change your template to produce an <img src=""> URL as follows:

The same URLs can also be used in CSS files to responsively adjust backgrounds for device dimensions and device pixel ratios using appropriate media queries.

WIDTHwidth in pixels
HEIGHTheight in pixels
HOSTthe fully qualified hostname e.g., etc.
PATHthe path on your server e.g. temple.jpg, staff/fred.jpg etc.


A The original 4:3 image, resized to fit:

B cropped to 16:9:

Original Image © Soham Banerjee, 2592px by 1944px

Resize on demand

Resize any image on your server to suit your layout. You can choose any WIDTH or HEIGHT that pleases you and we'll try to make the most of it.


A A small thumbnail. We like small thumbnails:

B Maybe we'll make that bigger. We can if we want to:

C Not really a thumbnail but still resized efficiently:

Original Image © Chris Moran, 3872px by 2592px.

Monthly billing from £12.50 ex VAT

22 GB
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Additional GB
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You will be billed for all image files downloaded from that are attributable to your domain. Metadata requests are billed by the GB according the size of the source image. Repeated calls are not billed if satisfied from our cache.

Ignore if not relevant. Further information about VAT number types and formats can be obtained from HMRC. Thanks for your patience.
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